After I finished the brown trout which is now ready for painting, I also started to carve a big Northern Pike
This way I don’t  have to make the shop free of dust twice, this way I make two fish ready to paint and than do one clean up, and start painting one by one.
The pike has a lot of characteristics in the head, that makes it an interesting carve to do.
I have made cast head from a dead real pike that is a bit smaller, so this way I can make her as real as I possible can, with all the characteristics in the right place.
This one is one meter long and complete out of Basswood, and it will become a wall mount.

Little update on my pike project, I have done the work on the mouth interior.
Also working on the mount, it going to be a wall mount, the next is going to be the tail detail
And after that the scales are going to be burned in.

Finally finished the complete fish.

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